Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Amero Dollar Conspiracy

Is The Amero Dollar Conspiracy Real?

I have posted a new poll which deals with the controversy surrounding the Amero Dollar. I started the blog believing in the Amero Dollar conspiracy but after reading as much as I could I am on the fence. The problem is that so much on the net is a hoax as I mentioned in my last post. So I decided to pose the question is the conspiracy real or not? I guess I would fall into the not sure category.

By the way if your looking for someone who I think is very credible you might want to Google George Celente. He is a futurist with a very good track record.


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TINA said...

The Amero dollar will have the same effect in the USA that the Euro dollar had in Italy. Meaning? Every cost tripled over night. The shrinking middle class ended up to pay much more for everything. The poor are helped by the government. The rich got richer and the middle class suffered. The excuse was to stop and hurt the drug cartel. Did it stop it? NO. Just hurt the middle working class making the fat obese and the skinny anorexic. Seems as though if it is politically correct is against the working men. Why?

John Galt said...

This is all a fake and a web hoax. There is not going to be any Amero or anything like it. There will be no bank holidays to distribute the money. IT IS ALL A HOAX!!!!

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