Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amero Currency Battles Back

Update:Amero News

This is the second month of our Amero Currency Poll 2008. The poll held steady with about 6 out of 10 against the Amero. At one point it went up to around 70% but the last part of the month brought in some yes votes.

I like the way the poll is going, votes have been spread across all 3 countries with this month seeing a lot of votes from Mexico. Our goal is to get about 1000 votes on the year. I think this is a fair amount if you look at election polls that are accurate to 1-3% generally poll fewer than 1000 people. The key will be to keep getting a good variety of people voting. I received a email from someone who is pro Amero Currency and asked if I could reprint some of his material to represent the positives so the blog will not be one sided. I will be printing some of those in the following weeks.

Canadians are waking up to the SPP and its drawbacks

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amero Currency Protest Held Nationwide

The weekend of February 16th marked a day of nation wide protest against the Amero Currency and the NAU in Canada. Protests took place in 18 Canadian cities to rally against the Security and Prosperity Partnership which many feel has been negotiated in private, denying the public from its democratic rights.

Most of the protests were held outside the offices of local members of parliament. The rally was viewed as a success by organizers as it was the first organized event held on a large scale in a attempt to make the public aware of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, NAU, and Amero Currency.

As the SPP and NAU moves forward expect to see many more organized protests in Canada and the US as more people become aware of what is happening they will take to the streets to protect their sovereignty.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will it be the Amero or Americo

Global Research, October 12, 2007 - 2007-10-11

The U.S. dollar might be destined to disappear, replaced by a regional currency called the amero, reports the Tokyo correspondent for the Singapore Business Times today.

"Truth is said to be stranger than fiction sometimes, and what I hear about the future of the U.S. dollar may sound like pure fiction, but the sources from whence the reports spring are, as they say, 'usually reliable' ones, and so they do have a ring of truth to them," writes Anthony Rowley.

Rowley says the slide of the U.S. dollar in relation to other foreign currencies makes such a transition more likely.

"And, looking at the size of U.S. debt to all those foreign central banks and private investors who obligingly finance the American current account deficit, similar conclusions might be drawn," he writes.

Because the U.S. is not going to stand by and watch its currency depreciate forever, he says his sources in the monetary and financial establishment plan a new currency that would take trade and investment cooperation within the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, into new areas of monetary cooperation – leading ultimately, perhaps, to a common currency for the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

In addition to the name "amero," Rowley says the name "americo" is also under consideration for this new currency.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

What Will the Amero Currency Exchange Rate Be?

The exchange rate for the Amero currency are the wild card for the introduction of a new Amero dollar. To make citizens of the United States, Canada and Mexico accept a new currency two things are going to be needed. We are seeing the first with a decline in the US dollar. The second condition would be to set a exchange rate that all countries view as favorable.

If the US dollar continues to collapse as liquidity is pumped into the markets, Americans will welcome a new Amero. As radical as it seems now if the public is drowning they will gladly grasp at any life line that is thrown their way. The Amero will be sold as the solution to economic woes and a way to get out from underneath a devalued dollar. We are now seeing the Government panic over simple market cycles. The pain of these over reactions will be felt very shortly, of course markets can be kept afloat with devalued dollars if that is the goal. The administration had projected a balanced budget shortly based on declining deficits but you can throw that out the window.

Many articles have speculated what will be in it for Canada? Well for a long time Canadians have suffered from a dollar that was worth 60% to 75% of what the US dollar was worth. This was until recently when the Canadian dollar caught and surpassed the USD and has since traded about par with the US dollar. This sparked what could only be described as euphoria among the main stream media in Canada. It also sparked many a shopping spree to south of the border. For many years Canadians had only dreamed of a dollar that was par and if you asked most Canadians if they would like there dollar to be pegged at par with the US dollar they would say, "yes". Of course the solution to a par dollar will be the Amero currency. Pressure from the US and Mexico would also make it impossible for Canada not to switch to a Amero, not doing so would be economic suicide.

Amero Currency Exchange Rate Estimate

$1 Amero= $1 USD

$1 Amero= $1 CND

$1 Amero= 10 Mexican Peso's

Ultimately the Amero currency would go head to head against the Euro. The end game for a new world order could see the Amero gain on the Euro dollar till they are par. Setting the stage for one global currency.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clinton Vows to Kill the Amero

NEWS FLASH-2008 Presidential Race

Feb 3'rd 2008

During a stop at a Union Hall in St Louis Hillary Clinton was asked about the NAU and the introduction of the Amero, though she pleaded ignorance, expressing her view that she had heard of the Amero and the NAU but she did not believe there was anything to it. She also replied that if there was such a scheme she would eliminate it "in a bird dog minute" if she is elected President.