Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 2008 Amero Currency Poll is Officially Over

After 365 days the Amero Currency Poll has ended. The number of votes and interest in the Amero far exceeded what I had expected. With over 2000 votes the majority of which came from the US, Canada, Mexico. I believe this is possibly one of the best polls done on the public's opinion on the Amero Currency.

Amero Currency Poll Results

437 Votes 19% In favor of the Amero Dollar
1678 Votes 75% Against the Amero Dollar
119 Votes 5% In favor of the Amero Dollar introduction only as a secondary currency

There has been a tremendous amount of change politically and economically for the year and it will continue in 2009. I have studied the Amero Dollar a great deal and remain undecided if there is a conspiracy to bring it about. We have seen many hoaxes from novelty Amero coins and Amero paper currency which have proven to be frauds so if you see a image online claiming to be government minted don't believe it.

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