Monday, February 11, 2008

What Will the Amero Currency Exchange Rate Be?

The exchange rate for the Amero currency are the wild card for the introduction of a new Amero dollar. To make citizens of the United States, Canada and Mexico accept a new currency two things are going to be needed. We are seeing the first with a decline in the US dollar. The second condition would be to set a exchange rate that all countries view as favorable.

If the US dollar continues to collapse as liquidity is pumped into the markets, Americans will welcome a new Amero. As radical as it seems now if the public is drowning they will gladly grasp at any life line that is thrown their way. The Amero will be sold as the solution to economic woes and a way to get out from underneath a devalued dollar. We are now seeing the Government panic over simple market cycles. The pain of these over reactions will be felt very shortly, of course markets can be kept afloat with devalued dollars if that is the goal. The administration had projected a balanced budget shortly based on declining deficits but you can throw that out the window.

Many articles have speculated what will be in it for Canada? Well for a long time Canadians have suffered from a dollar that was worth 60% to 75% of what the US dollar was worth. This was until recently when the Canadian dollar caught and surpassed the USD and has since traded about par with the US dollar. This sparked what could only be described as euphoria among the main stream media in Canada. It also sparked many a shopping spree to south of the border. For many years Canadians had only dreamed of a dollar that was par and if you asked most Canadians if they would like there dollar to be pegged at par with the US dollar they would say, "yes". Of course the solution to a par dollar will be the Amero currency. Pressure from the US and Mexico would also make it impossible for Canada not to switch to a Amero, not doing so would be economic suicide.

Amero Currency Exchange Rate Estimate

$1 Amero= $1 USD

$1 Amero= $1 CND

$1 Amero= 10 Mexican Peso's

Ultimately the Amero currency would go head to head against the Euro. The end game for a new world order could see the Amero gain on the Euro dollar till they are par. Setting the stage for one global currency.


V said...

We all agree that first the dollar will go head to head against toilet paper--solution: The Amero... and then the Amero will go head to head against the Euro.
It's unlikely that the new North American currency is going to be of real value, i.e., hard currency. It's likely going to be: Fiat paper till the "big idea" is reality...

MysticalSociety said...

What is the "BIG IDEA"

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you that If the US dollar continues to collapse as liquidity is pumped into the markets, Americans will welcome a new Amero.
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Adrian said...

The way I see it , the Amero has to be worth at least 4 to five dollars, that is to overcome the national Debt, and the Euro,like the dollar once was at 1$ to 4DM.however, there has to be a limited time for the the current dollars to be exchanged, and verified of their validity. that should perhaps be 60 days. After that, you will be screwed.

Adrian said...

I also realize that there are many that dont believe it can happen, well, its happening right before your eyes. The Government is using Tacticks to scare the population into a frenzy, more and more. Then finally, when the time is right, they will announce that there isonly one way for our Country to escape Bankrupcy,andthat is to go to the Amero. the people wil gladly do it, and if they dont, they already have a Malitia within the Govnmt. to control us all, and Fema Camps will be set up if we retaliate. Why do you think thatthe Govnmt. is buying up all of the major Food Supply, like grains and Wheat etc. They will need it to feed us all. We are damned if we do and if we dont.

RJSoftware said...

No, the government is buying up all the grains/wheat and non gmo/non hybrid seeds to prevent our revolution against them. If we do not accept the New World Order. It's not dambed if we don't, it's die if we don't. And even then the Georgia guidestones mission is to reduce population down to less than a million. Obama's chief scientist Holdren is one of these anti population nuts. See what Tarpley has to say about him...! Alex Jones may be a bit of a nut, but the situation is NUTS..! RJ (Vote for Ron Paul 2012 -he's the new Andrew Jackson).

RJSoftware said...


Study your history..!


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