Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amero Currency Battles Back

Update:Amero News

This is the second month of our Amero Currency Poll 2008. The poll held steady with about 6 out of 10 against the Amero. At one point it went up to around 70% but the last part of the month brought in some yes votes.

I like the way the poll is going, votes have been spread across all 3 countries with this month seeing a lot of votes from Mexico. Our goal is to get about 1000 votes on the year. I think this is a fair amount if you look at election polls that are accurate to 1-3% generally poll fewer than 1000 people. The key will be to keep getting a good variety of people voting. I received a email from someone who is pro Amero Currency and asked if I could reprint some of his material to represent the positives so the blog will not be one sided. I will be printing some of those in the following weeks.

Canadians are waking up to the SPP and its drawbacks

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