Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Amero: North American Common Currency?

The Amero: North American Common Currency?

You can say it's a myth, but that won't make it disappear. Before it was introduced, was the EURO a "myth" too? We're half way there... like the great bail out, Americans will be manipulated to accept even more, increasingly extreme solutions to successive fiscal panic events.

America could soon gain painful first experience- the same pain it has often induced in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Germany and Brazil... hyper-inflation. As a part of a 'relief package', the “Amero”- the ultimate financial instrument, will be presented as a pre-packaged panacea or 'rescue' by our saviours- the bankers.

This is worth the read as it relates to the bail out, the amero, and amero currency


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