Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Amero Currency Poll one month in and some other observations

Well only getting about 5% of visitors to vote unfortunately, but seems to be about 60% against it so far. Not a real strong number in my opinion. A little bit of marketing could easily swing that to 60% for it.

I have tried to keep a open mind about the Amero Dollar but in the last few months traffic for the blog has been increasings. One thing I am really suprised at are the number of visitors from .gov sites particularily from Washington D.C.. There has also been alot of visits from US military sites.

Despite the blogs title i'm not one to believe every conspiracy I'm just shocked at the number of visits from government employees. Where the general public may have a hard time finding this blog, government employees sure don't. Hopefully we can get about 500 or so votes and get a more clear picture of the publics view. Although unscietific the poll only allows one vote per IP so it won't be spammed and should be a good gauge. I'm still undecided myself

The Fed has lowered rates again and looks like they are running out of gun powder should get very interesting if the market doesn't act like they want. Stay tuned


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