Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amero Coin and Amero Currency

Same old news as dow up, gold up and US dollar down, where it stops nobody knows. Its not very easy finding someone who is bullish on the USD these days.

This is a terrific link on what a amero coin and the amero currency might look like.

Buy the new Amero Coin

The article has been debunked on the net but its worth having a look at what the amero currency and amero coin design might be like. Some great close up shots of the amero coin.


Paydexter said...

A great fantasy coin... and an even greater investment. Even if there won't be a new currency called Amero. A .999 Silver Amero coin will appreciate in value substantially.

Anonymous said...

At this point, sooner or later, the Amero will come into affect along with the formation of the American Union.

All we can do now is figure out a plan for ourselves to come out on top.
Which includes getting out of US dollars, buying hard assets (gold, silver, real estate, businesses, etc)